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We can help you decide on the ideal structure of your business as the structure has repercussions in terms of tax, costs and the protection of your assets.

If you are thinking of starting a new business or buying into an existing one, or if you have outgrown your sole proprietor business structure, there are many things which you need to consider. With your business  objectives, inherent risks and your succession planning options in mind, we can advise an effective business structure for you, which facilitates:
  • most tax-efficient outcomes in both the short and the long term
  • risk minimisation and asset protection
  • minimal compliance costs
  • advantageous funding options and operational efficiencies to help grow your business
  • a transition of ownership in the case of family business succession
We aim to provide professional advice from a position of experience and care so we will assist through the whole process. We can help guide you through essential steps, including:
  • choosing a business structure including taxation and legal aspects
  • registering your ABN, GST and business name
  • setting up record-keeping and accounting systems
  • vehicle & equipment finance options
  • business insurances
  • website and Domain name
  • preparing a cash flow budget

  • employer obligations including superannuation, PAYG and WorkCover

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