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Professional services in


We can work with you and arrange the best possible advice & solutions  for your funding requirements     

POINTAX has developed a strong strategic alliance with an unaffiliated broker group, which means that not only do you get access to lending institutions; you also get independent lending advice. We can arrange services and help you find the best deal for:
  • Residential and investment home loans.

  • Refinance of existing home loans

  • Property Investment Loans including Line of Credits

  • Vehicle & Equipment Finance

  • Commercial

  • SMSF Loans

  • Development and construction loans.

  • Purchase of Franchises ( conditions apply )


We can also help you in:


  • Preparing strategies, tenders and annual reviews.

  • Preparing forecasts and cashflows.

  • Providing financial consulting services and crisis management.

  • Managing buy-outs and buy-ins.

  • Providing corporate secretarial services.

  • Managing invoice financing.

  • Managing mezzanine debt.

  • Arranging mezzanine finance.​​​

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